What to expect with your Bourkes Parakeet

They are quite sedentary, and are inactive for most of the day – just walking around their cage floor and napping.

In the evening they will perk up and begin to eat, sing, and fly.

They are non-destructive and not big chewers so won’t destroy vegetation in an aviary or your woodwork in a bird room.

They take long afternoon naps.

Their sleep schedule is from sundown to sunrise.

They are prone to night-frights (they get scared and start flapping around wildly and can easily injure themselves) so provide a night-light.

Bourke Parakeets are semi-nocturnal.

In the wild they spend the day low and stationary, feeding in shrubs during the day and become active once the sun goes down when they fly to the water.

Their flying is noisy as they flap their wings rapidly and erratically changing course.

They have a loud shrill, yet pleasant call when they fly.

Their flight has been compared to that of a butterfly.

From sunset to full darkness they become their most active and vocal.

Bourkes Parakeet butterfly inactive naps night-frights night-light non-destructive sedentary semi-nocturnal stationary


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