Lutino Bourkes Parakeet’s Strange Behavior 1 of 4

My Lutino Bourkes Parakeet hen does this when her clear eggs are removed. She thinks she is feeding a baby.
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milkshake and kestrel the bourkes parakeets

milkshake and kestrel  the bourkes parakeets

or milkums and kes for short XD meh a day in the life of my two birds, from just before bedtime to daytime and morning, just some random clips i had really the music is from the amazing…
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Lutino Bourkes Parakeet’s Strange Behavior 3 of 4

My Lutino Bourkes Parakeet thinks she is feeding a baby after I removed clear eggs from her nest box.

Baby bourke parakeets

About 4 weeks old.
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Bourke Parakeets at Golden Cockatoo 877-775-BIRD

Rosey Bourke and normal Bourke long tailed Parakeets at Golden Cockatoo. Bourke are great companions for both young and old as they are docile, quiet, and curious. And those huge eyes are so expressive!
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Parakeets and Finches eating lettuce in our Aviary: Part Two

Bourke parakeets, Turquoise parrot, Zebrafinch, Diamond firetail finch, Long-tailed finch eating lettuce in an outdoor aviary.

Rosella parakeets 1

Rosella video via Tahir Minhas Bird aviaries Contact : 0321-5130073 (no messages)
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Outdoor Aviary with Finches and Parakeets

An outdoor aviary with Bourke parakeets, Turquoise parrot, Zebrafinch, Diamond firetail finch, Canary’s, Long-tailed finch, Dappled Chinese Painted Quail or Chinese Painted Quial, Barred Parakeet(some people call them Lineolated parakeet).

Is it okay to put A&D ointment on a parakeets eyelid?

Question by irishcat68: Is it okay to put A&D ointment on a parakeets eyelid?
I have a baby Bourke’s Parakeet.She was shipped to me two days ago and seemed fine. Now one of her eyelids is not opening well. Can I use A&D ointment or is there an ointment I can buy at a good Pet Store? Any recommendations?

Best answer:

Answer by Yogi T
I wouldn’t put any oily substance on the birds eyelid unless directed by an avian vet. If there is a discharge in the eye it could be an infection . It could also be an injury. The best way to find out is for an avian vet visit. Good idea anyhow when you get a new bird. Don’t rely on home remedies unless you know what you are doing.

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parakeets as pets?

Question by ziddyziddy: parakeets as pets?
so i want to look more into budgie parakeets, bourke’s parakeets, quaker parrot, Alexandrine Parakeet, barred parakeet, and the concure.

im 14 years old and i’s have 30-60 minutes a day uusally to spend time with my bird. i want a smallish bird thats life spand is under 30. It can’t be very expensive and has to be readily avaiable at pet stores(like petsmart, or maybe a local mom and pop type store). can you tell me which one(s) would be best for me. I have some experience with birds, Ive studied them online and i had a budgie for a little over a year, but it died of old age(we are pretty sure, either that or a heart attack type thing) I have a cage that would fit 3 budgies comfortably.

tell me everything i need to know!

much appriciated!

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Answer by Lil’ CAV
I have a Budgie, i used to have two the younger one died of unknown causes. Plus they did not get along. But i would recommend getting at least two but only at the same time. otherwise the one that has been their longer will think the cage is his and the others are intruding. If you get more than one take them out at the same time and give them all the same treatment other wise they get jealous.
They are cool, but can get slightly annoying as you might know.
Good luck.

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