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Bourke’s Parakeet & 2 Cockatiels

A video of my Bourke’s Parakeet, Bobby, and 2 of my Cockatiels, Basil and Rosalie.
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Cockatiels and Bourke’s Parakeet

In this video we have 3 baby Cockatiels, 1 young Cockatiel (Quinn), and my Bourke’s, Bobby.
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Bourkes Parakeet Personality and Temperment

The Bourkes parakeet has a sweet and gentle temperment.

The bird makes a good pet for the experienced avian-lover.

They are affectionate but not needy or clingy like some parrots.

They are quite independent and can entertain themselves for long periods of time.

They don’t need as much one-on-one attention as other larger parrots.

They enjoy flying around in the evening and riding around on their human’s shoulders.

However, unlike cockatiels, the Bourkes parakeet doesn’t care for cuddling or scritches.

They rarely, if ever, bite.

They will just nibble at your fingers or taste things with their tounge out of curiosity.

Female and male Bourkes parrots are equally affectionate with their human friends.

They will give you kisses and preen your hair and face.

Housing Bourkes Parakeets with other Birds

Bourkes parakeets are fairly timid, calm and unassuming.

They aren’t nervous or excitable like some parrots.

They are not known to be aggressive with other species of birds – even birds smaller than themselves.

However, their gentle nature can make them an easy mark for aggressive birds.

They can be housed in an aviary with other peaceful, passive birds such as cockatiels, finches, doves, quail.

Make sure the flight is quite large to provide ample flying space with many levels of perches and food/water stations.

All birds must be able to cohabitate without bickering or those should be removed.

All birds must be fully flighted.

Not all birds will get along, similiarly, not all Bourkes parakeets will get along with other Bourkes parakeets.

It is not recommended to house Bourkes parakeets with budgies because of budgies bossy, aggressive natures.

Budgies have been known to pluck out the feathers and bite off the toes of Bourkes parakeets.

“They are certainly not ‘beginner’s birds’ and will usually not thrive if they are not provided with a spacious aviary where a small flock can be kept in company of a few other small and harmless birds.

It is possible to keep a pair or a single bird in a cage, but they will be sluggish and unhealthy if they are not let out to fly and socialize with humans frequently. ” Wikipedia.

I love cockatiels but know I won’t?

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be able to deal with the dander/dust so I am thinking of either a plum head parakeet or a bourkes. Which one would be better as far as not being real noisy (like a sun conure)?

My Bird room with budgies, cockatiels, lineolated parakeets, bourkes and canaries

I am standing on a stool to video my bird from a birds eye view. I can watch them for hours. Enjoy the video.

Lineolated Parrots, Cockatiels, Bourkes and Beagles too!

Cockatiels, out having fun before returning to the bird room ;-) enjoy!

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