Rosy wants out of her cage.

Rosy goes slightly crazy when she wants to be out of the cage.
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Bourke Parrots in a big cage

Bourke Parrots in a big cage. Please, subscribe so you get updates from us when we add new videos.
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Rosey Bourke cage set up

These are my two Rosey Bourke Parakeets, they are both males. This is their cage set up and they are ready to be covered by a blanket over their cage for bed…
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Rusty Cage – Junkyard Advisory

From ‘Counterfeit Creedence vs. Cash’ – The Roxbury Hotel, Glebe – July 29 2010 Mike Frazer – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Cameron Honey – Lead Guitar Dave Phillips – Bass Dave Bourke – Drums Filmed by Linda ‘Steadicam’ De Rosa, using a Creative Vado

What size cage should I get for my birds?

Question by Abcdefg Hijklmnop: What size cage should I get for my birds?
I have two Bourke’s parakeets and I want them to lay eggs. I put in a nest box and I am waiting for them to use it. I know that you have to wait and be patient, but while I’m waiting, I think I should get another cage so that they will have their own cage and I will leave the old cage for the canaries (they get along well) I know a lot about birds, just through research (Maybe I’m a bird expert…in some ways – not breeding though) So I want to know how big a cage I should get for about 5-6 birds. I also want them to have enough room to fly when they want to, so what are your suggestions?
I THINK a 5x3x2 cage is good?

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How do I keep my Bourkes Parakeet from getting hormonal or laying eggs?

  • Basically you want to change everything that says to the Bourkes Parakeet that they are in good breeding conditions:
  • Decrease the light cycle.
  • Stop feeding excess seeds and soft foods
  • Rotate cage toys, place in smaller cage
  • Remove any toys they may become amorous with
  • If they lay eggs, shake or freeze them and put them back. Do not remove them, they will just lay more which is not healthy.

Should i tame my bourkes parakeets in thier cage first before letting them fly around the house?

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I have recently bought 2 female rose bourkes,they are beautiful and I was just wondering what the best way to train them was?
Should i just keep them in the cage until they are tame on my hand or let them just fly around the house and try to train them whilst they are flying around.Its just I dont want to stress them out by havin to grab them everytime I want to get them in if they are not tame yet,any help??
thank you very much for your answers I will take them to a vet first to get the feathers clipped so they can show me how for the first time then I will continue taming,one of them is getting friendlier than the other and is letting me stroke her chest.thanks for your answers.

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