Bourkes Parakeets Questions & Answers

What is the lifespan of a Bourkes Parakeet?

The lifespan of the Bourkes parakeet is 8-15 years. The average lifespan of the Bourkes parakeet is 10 years. They are very hardy birds as long as they’re not exposed to ongoing damp conditions. “They are certainly not ‘beginner’s birds’ and will usually not thrive if they are not provided with a spacious aviary where a small flock can be kept in company of a few other... 

Grooming the Bourkes Parakeet

The Bourkes parakeet enjoys a daily bath. Provide a bath of cool, clean water in a large, shallow dish or bowl. They don’t need to have their nails or beaks trimmed.  Read More →

Question on Rosy Bourkes

Recently, several animals were seized/rescued from a bad situation, in Tenn. Among them is a Rosy Bourkes Parakeet. It appears to be a young female. Legally, the court requires species identification of all seized animals. The question being asked is: Is there any difference between a Rosy Bourkes Parrot and a Rosy Bourkes Parakeet? Any info/help/link is appreciated. Please email me at I... 

Pink Bourkes Found

I have found what I believe is a Bourke in Armitage Staffordshire. Until doing the research I just thought it was a pink budgie, but apparently not. I am posting in order to either find the owner and return it or to find a new home for him/her. He/she is a lovely bird but my lifestyle does not suit keeping small pets. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Darren  Read More →

Male not mating ?

I have a normal colour male Bourkes Parrot and a pink female (I think). She is beckoning him to mate but be just comes up to her and taps her gently. He is feeding her also. They are housed inside our house. Does anyone know why he wont mate? Carolyn.  Read More →

What size cage should I get for my birds?

Question by Abcdefg Hijklmnop: What size cage should I get for my birds? I have two Bourke’s parakeets and I want them to lay eggs. I put in a nest box and I am waiting for them to use it. I know that you have to wait and be patient, but while I’m waiting, I think I should get another cage so that they will have their own cage and I will leave the old cage for the canaries (they get along... 

How Do Evolved Animals Change Colour?

Question by chocoboryo: How Do Evolved Animals Change Colour? There are two similar parakeets that live in Australia: the Budgerigar and the Bourke’s parakeet. According to evolution, would these two species have come from the same place? If the answer is yes: Why is it, that there is no possible way that you could get a red budgerigar through mutations while the Bourke’s has red in it?... 

Is it okay to put A&D ointment on a parakeets eyelid?

Question by irishcat68: Is it okay to put A&D ointment on a parakeets eyelid? I have a baby Bourke’s Parakeet.She was shipped to me two days ago and seemed fine. Now one of her eyelids is not opening well. Can I use A&D ointment or is there an ointment I can buy at a good Pet Store? Any recommendations? Thanks Best answer: Answer by Yogi TI wouldn’t put any oily substance on the... 

Recently Asked Question adding detail: What Bird Breed is Quietest?

Question by wizfriz: Recently Asked Question adding detail: What Bird Breed is Quietest? Hey, Just thought of this: How are Splendid Parakeets in comparison to Linnies/Bourkes? They are also suppost to be very quiet? Are they loving? Can they talk? Thanks, just thought of this question a little late Best answer: Answer by wackyOf the birds you have mentioned “Bourke’s” are the quietest. They... 

parakeets as pets?

Question by ziddyziddy: parakeets as pets? so i want to look more into budgie parakeets, bourke’s parakeets, quaker parrot, Alexandrine Parakeet, barred parakeet, and the concure. im 14 years old and i’s have 30-60 minutes a day uusally to spend time with my bird. i want a smallish bird thats life spand is under 30. It can’t be very expensive and has to be readily avaiable at pet... 

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