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Bourke’s Parakeet Health

A happy bourke’s parakeet has clean smooth feathers, bright clear eyes, and is alert and active. Signs of Illness in your Rosy Bourke Signs of illness in the rosy bourke parakeet include: crusty beak or toes loss of appetite fluffled up on the bottom of the cage listless poop stuck to vent A Bourke’s Parakeet will hide feeling sick A rosy bourke’s parakeet in the wild learns to hide... 

Training your Bourke’s Parakeet

Training your Bourke’s Parakeet Train your Bourke’s Parakeet to Talk? I’ve never heard of a Bourke’s parakeet talking – so I’ve no advice for that. If you want a talking bird – look for a male budgie or one of the bigger birds like an African grey parrot, an amazon or macaw. I would only recommend these bigger birds to someone who has years of experience with... 

Bourkes Parakeet Personality and Temperment

The Bourkes parakeet has a sweet and gentle temperment. The bird makes a good pet for the experienced avian-lover. They are affectionate but not needy or clingy like some parrots. They are quite independent and can entertain themselves for long periods of time. They don’t need as much one-on-one attention as other larger parrots. They enjoy flying around in the evening and riding around on their... 

Taming and Training the Bourkes Parakeet

Bourkes parakeets are easily trained or tamed if they aren’t already tame when you bring them into your home. Unlike other parrots such as the Quaker (Monk Parakeet) or Parrotlet, the Bourkes parakeet will remain tame, even if not handled for a while. A hand-raised Bourkes parakeet or a hand-fed Bourkes parakeet makes just as good a pet as a parent-raised Bourkes parakeet. Each can be tamed at... 

Can I teach my Bourkes Parakeet to talk?

Bourkes parakeets rarely learn to talk. However, they’re known to imitate speech when chirping by whistling the words in the same tone of voice. Just repeat the same words over and over again and in time they may pick up the words and repeat them.  Read More →

Bourkes Parakeets Voice

The Bourkes parakeet is one of the quietest parrots, quieter even than budgies. This makes them great apartment parrot. Their pleasant voices are described as sweet, melodic, tinkling. During the day their calls are pretty musical whistles. They sweetly twitter while eating. When they fly they have a soft chirruping twitter. When they are startled they have a shrill double note alarm call.  Read More →

How can I prevent hormonal behavior or egg-laying in my Bourkes Parakeet?

Keep your birds in same-sex pairs. Don’t provide a nest box. Do not house together a same-sex pair under the age of one year.  Read More →

What to expect with your Bourkes Parakeet

They are quite sedentary, and are inactive for most of the day – just walking around their cage floor and napping. In the evening they will perk up and begin to eat, sing, and fly. They are non-destructive and not big chewers so won’t destroy vegetation in an aviary or your woodwork in a bird room. They take long afternoon naps. Their sleep schedule is from sundown to sunrise. They are... 

What food should I feed a Bourkes Parakeet?

In the wild, Bourkes Parakeets feed on the ground (only occasionally in the trees), in pairs or small groups of 4-6. They feed on the seeds of grasses and herbs. A Bourkes Parakeet needs a balanced diet of high quality seed mix, pellets, dark leafy greens like kale, grains such as quinoa and brown rice, and other unsalted fresh or frozen organic vegetables like corn, carrots, peas, broccoli, green... 

What is the proper cage for a Bourkes Parakeet?

Unlike American Parakeets, or budgies, the Bourkes parakeet doesn’t tend to climb the bars of their cage so horizontal bars aren’t as important. They do enjoy flying in their cages so get the biggest lengthwise horizontal cage you can, at least 3 feet long, as they love to fly. Even with a cage this large, be sure they get plenty of out-of-the-cage time each day. Newsprint, paper towels,... 

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